Garden Accent Pieces - Garden Art in Paso Robles, California


From Plants to Pots and More

Daylight Home began by selling plants in 1973 and has spent close to five decades shopping for the best selection to decorate your yard. We now carry an extensive selection of pots with a few thousand square feet of pots stacked high. We sort them by color, as that seems to be the prime focus for pot shoppers.

Almost all our pots are high fired, so they are both durable to handle and not prone to breaking in a hard freeze. While many styles are available in various colors, it’s often best to buy it when you see it as the supply changes often.

California-Grown Nursery Plants and Domestically Produced Furniture Lines

Selling Succulents Since 1973

Daylight Home has been selling succulents since 1973. We started buying from one of our best growers in 1974 and continue to today. That’s a long-term relationship to speak of. Succulents are pretty much the rage nowadays, and yet, we’ve appreciated them since our first days in business.

Concrete, Steel and Glass

For over 4 decades, Daylight Home has carried high-quality concrete, recycled steel, glass and more to create stunning garden art and wind chimes. We’ve carried these products for decades from expert suppliers, and they’re available in several colors to suit your application. Our locally made items will provide you with a high level of quality that you won’t find in imported items.

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