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Live Comfortably

Over the last four decades, we’ve learned a lot about being comfortable. We’ve always had quality as a prime concern — if it doesn’t last, why bother buying disposable furniture? There are two other reasons to buy quality: to be environmentally friendly and minimize the stress of buying.

Hundreds of Furniture Shapes, Sizes and Colors for You to Choose From

Invest in Lasting Furniture

Buying green means investing in long-lasting pieces to eliminate the waste of short-term throwaway goods and all that went into their production. Buying furniture that lasts keeps landfills from filling up with cheap, low-end mass-market furniture. There’s also the beauty of a quality leather piece that develops a patina and becomes part of your home over decades.

Quality wood pieces, like our Amish-made lines, are not only domestically made and more efficient to get to you, but they also become family heirlooms. The construction of our Amish lines is second to none and could be passed through generations, which is pretty unlikely with imports.

Make the Right Choices

Minimizing the stress of buying means that you go through the process every few decades and not every couple of years. For many, deciding what to buy can be stressful. When you buy quality, you don’t have to deal with it again for many years. Yes, you may spend a little more time deciding on all the options of color choices, but the beauty of the right piece in your room can make a big difference over the limited options offered by mass merchants.

Ensure Years of Enjoyment

One big lesson we’ve learned about lasting comfort is that firm is better. When you plop down on a chair or couch for a few seconds, soft feels good. In the long run, however, a firm seat is much better for you. Soft seating almost always becomes “flat” and unsupportive with minimal use. Whether it’s a dining chair, an office chair or your prized recliner, a soft cushy seat will soon lose its softness.

For long-term comfort, go with a firm seat that costs a little more but holds up over time. Initially, the firmness of a good durable fill may not seem as comfortable. Sit for a few minutes and focus on how it really feels. You’ll probably be sitting even longer period of time when you get your purchase home.

A good firm fill is much better for your back and your pocketbook and can give you years of enjoyment. Take time and sit to really get an idea of what feels best to you by being patient and sensitive.

About Our Brands

Ekornes Stressless, supreme quality reclining chairs, sofas and sectionals in 100’s of leather or fabric choices with 6 wood finish options. Made in the US and Norway.

IMG Comfort, a Stressless subsidiary with motorized or manual reclining chairs and sofas in leather and fabric. Quick order time on in-stock covers, designed in Norway.

Himolla, a high quality German made line and arch rival of Stressless. Innovative designs of reclining chairs and sofas, almost all are motorized.

Fjords, Norwegian designed recliners and sofas using firm fill for lasting comfort. Many fabric and leather covers available, a few on quick ship.

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