Breathtaking Interior Accents


Unique Pieces From All Around

Your personal style can be emphasized with accessories from our wide range of indoor decor. With an ever-changing selection that ranges from American-handcrafted to Asian-traditional, we have many pieces not found for hundreds of miles. Over the years, we’ve sourced pieces from 6 continents, and our selection continues to evolve. It’s often best to buy it when you see it as many pieces cannot be re-ordered a second time.

Helping Clients Find Products That Match Their Unique Sense of Style

Lamps and Lighting

Lamps and lighting are a big focus for Daylight Home. We have hundreds of light fixtures on display, many of which cannot be found anywhere else. We seek pieces that function efficiently and have that special look you’ve been searching for. Depending on your need — whether you require good lighting for reading or working, or ambient light for atmosphere — we have an unusual selection.

LED Lighting

LED fixtures have become the new standard, and most incandescent fixtures can use LED bulbs. Lamps — or portables as they are known in the trade — can also use both types of bulbs. Our Tiffany-style leaded glass pieces often come in both light fixtures and lamps for a unified look throughout the home. The workmanship of these pieces is superb, and new technology makes for finer details than the priceless originals.

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