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Dining Table and Chairs

Make Dinner Table Memories

Dining and entertaining can make some of your best memories. We add to those good times by offering comfortable, functional, stylish and well-made furniture to enhance the experience. The cornerstone of the dining experience is the chair. A well-designed chair can sit well for hours on conversation and last for generations.

Enhance Your Dining Experience With Comfortable and Attractive Dining Pieces

Invest in Comfortable Chairs

While a soft cushion may feel great for a quick second of chair sampling, a good firm cushion will be comfortable for a much greater time. How often have you been at a restaurant and found yourself squirming in the seat from cheek to cheek? Or worse yet, you feel the seat frame, and after your meal find a new-found stiffness from a poorly cushioned chair. When chair shopping, take the time to find a good firm seat — it will be worth it for years to come.

California-Made Dining Pieces

We have O.W. Lee wrought iron made in California, which can be used inside and outside. You can choose from over 20 zero-care porcelain tile table tops, 15 frame colors and hundreds of stain-proof fabrics. Barstools have all the same options and various height options available. There are even expansion/leaf dining tables for the big entertainers.

Amish Dining Collections

Many of our wood dining collections are from Amish-made workshops in the American Midwest. We source from over a dozen family-run shops that offer different woods, finishes, fabrics and custom size options. Built with a traditional focus on quality, our Amish-made lines are heirloom quality. Styling can run from the traditional Shaker to craftsman to modern/contemporary.

Custom sizing on tables can be up to 10 feet. Plan ahead to get pieces made specifically for you as production times can be 10-16 weeks out.

About Our Brands

Ekornes Stressless, supreme quality reclining dining chairs, eat and relax in the same chair, in 100’s of leather or fabric choices with 6 wood finish options. Made in the US and Norway.

Online Catalogue

Horizon, made in Mexico, a wide variety of woods for tables and chairs and hammered copper top tables with wrought iron base. Collections change yearly.

Coast to Coast, Asian made tables and chairs of various woods and ever changing styles. A great value for the quality.

Magnussen, made in Vietnam and known for multi-function occasional tables and dining sets. Some collections come in multiple finishes.

NPD, offers a very wide range of supreme value dining chairs, bar stools and some tables. Many seat covers are available for some styles in this great deal line.

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